Thursday, September 1, 2011

The joy of arting! And such

There is little in life more important for a creative mind than inspired release. Yes for us art folk we must let those creative juices freely flow! However, sometimes we can get a bit of a blockage in there (artistic constipation is WORSE than 'writer's block, trust me on that one) and nothing seems to translate from the brain to the fingers. Might be in part 'cause the heart isn't turned on in the creative process or the only subject matter you can get your claws into is more of the same ole same ole.

I find that I MUST change up my style from time to time, cute and cuddly is hard to do when you're having a bad week.

Much more recently, to overcome that nasty blockage, I've began to dabble in collaborative arting! It's fun and super new/challenging and a little intimidating (especially when you're working with an artist that has his own popular following). I have been lucky enough to work with such an artist and my bestie, the lord of the lines, daredevil of dots, marker magician, baron of bones... umm ok maybe I SHOULDN'T feed the man's ego too much more. Wouldn't want it to break out and eat the neighbors.... Bob Lee is a swell guy that draws good. Yeah I think that's what we'll go with! Whispers behind hand, Don't tell him about the other. ;-)

Thus far he and I have finished two collaborative pieces. The first image is our first effort as a team. I did the angel (watercolor and micron pen) he did the rest (Prisma marker and micron pen). We titled that piece 'The Penance'. The second is our latest. This time he did the demon girl/fallen angel (Prisma marker and micron pen) and I did everything else (Manga marker, micron pen, watercolor, and graphite). We have yet to title this one. Check out Bob's stuff at

I'll be the first to admit this isn't for everyone, some artists' styles will not mesh well but so it is with all relationships. Just ask the chicken that was put in with the wolf... Oh never mind. Looks like you'll have to ask the wolf about that one and he might disagree.
*wolf* Hell I love chickens! I'll happily room with another; don't know why the last guy (urp), pardon me, up and left like that.
*me* And the feathers all over the pen are from?
*wolf* Last night's pillow fight of course!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The secret to success!

I hear from my various art friends all too often, 'I never get any sales on Etsy and eBay is slow.' Well it is true that it takes time and networking to get your shop out there and seen there are a few other little things you can do to boost your success.

The way to sure success-
Etsy- *Some wine consumption is recommended tho you don't have to tell the neighbors why they should toss back a few.* When the clock strikes midnight race outside stripping out of your clothing as you go while cawing like a crow. Dance nekkid around a white Aspen (yes the neighbor's tree will work fine) under the light of full moon while wishing on the pinkest star you can find and singing the theme to lamb chop. Sing loudly.

eBay- Place the shiniest penny you can find in the heel of your sock. Spend the day walking backward and avoiding every crack in the sidewalk (wearing you sunglasses on the back of the head helps with the avoiding). Once you're back home and just before you list, toss the salt over your left shoulder... Yes the whole thing of salt *Be sure no one is standing behind you. Well, no one you like anyway.*

I hope as I am a semi successful seller these tips work as well for you as they have me! If nothing else you should be able to get some really SHINY meds. ;-)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The mystery of 'Life after Death'

Blog posts from the great beyond?

Well since Oregon is ‘beyond’ the East coast and the Midwest I guess that qualifies…basically I’m saying, no I’m not dead, yet, hence today’s post! And what shall we blog about? Gooooooood question. There is one major thing on my mind today and all because I sell fun, cuddly, evil, twisted, sweet, purdy, and unique OOAK artworks on Etsy. I’m part of a huge community of weirdos (we prefer the term artisans) that do the same. Many of us make things from scratch, but some of us are far more creative or maybe just ‘inherit’ too much of other people’s junk, and thus has been born the ‘upcyclers’.

These unique individuals take the whole ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’ very seriously. I’ve seen belts that used to be bicycle tires, night lights that were once jars, and most recently a pet bed sure to make your pet feel like a real star! Yes that’s right, some wonderful soul has finally figured out the perfect solution to the issue of what to do with obsolete technology Yep folks that was a TV and I’ve gotta say, all joking aside, I think it’s AWESOME! OH but maybe you didn’t know I too suffer from bouts of upcyling. Some would say no spoon/fork is safe when I’m around I love bending old spoons to my will and yep I do wear a lot of what I make.

If you think about it, really think about it, a ring made from a spoon is sturdier than your typical jewelry counter crap. I mean just think of a spoon’s life in comparison to a ring’s- The spoon, ‘Not only do I have to look pretty, I have to work. I have scoop up stuff, sometimes I’m used like a knife, I’m tossed in the sink, knocked against my fellow spoons and distant relatives the forks and knives, and shoved in a dark drawer to do it all over again. If I’m lucky, I’ll survive the encounter with the garbage disposal better than the last guy.’ The ring- ‘All I gotta do is sparkle and shine. I gotta look good on dress up days and hang out in the soft comfort of the jewelry box when I’m not working.’ Ummm, yes, I did just look at life from an object’s point of view, but you were warned, I’m a little ‘disturbed’ *giggle*.

So I guess today’s post is both informative, important, and a little bit of a challenge to you! Next time you’re out and about or hell even if you look in your shed/garage and you find ‘junk’ imagine what it could really be! Now go and be creative.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just because it is Wednesday and I am a little 'unstable' *wink*

~The renaming of Wednesday~

Wednesday the day known to many as hump day. Which brings to mind for those of us that have the maturity of teenaged boys, dogs on legs, couples coupling, or if you knew my father, Boyds Bears (and other ridiculously spendy stuffed things) in awkward positions.

Since today said bears are on my mind, I vote we change the name of Wednesday to Leo. I find naming it after a man I knew to have a higher, even to the point of enlightenment, understanding of 'hump' gives the day a certain true finesse which it didn't possess before. Plus by saying to passers by "Good Leo, morning/after noon/evening!" I will be saying to dad, at least in spirit, you were a good guy no matter what 'they' said and maturity is in the eye of the beholder.

OH and as an added bonus, you will get many confuzzled, 'is she/he alright?', half smiles as those you greet with the newly renamed hump day and a huge grin, struggle to return your happy greeting. Tis a great way to leave them wondering about you and NOT be locked up in the looney bin.

We will save the discussion for possible looney bin lock up when we discuss bananas as phones. *giggle*


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes I am a lousy blogger but I'm working to be better!

Hey folks! I know I'm not the world's greatest blogger but it might be because I spend so much time networking on Facebook. I am going to make a greater effort at blogging about my lively goings on, well the exciting ones at least. And the most exciting (possibly disturbing since he has his own profile page and I find myself taking the time to Facebook poke myself) one right now is my artwork has recently been taken over by one major character! Here's his story (cleanly typed by me since the poor love has no thumbs)- MEOW! Hi everyone my name is Onyx Cat. I was born as an itty bitty Halloween doodle October 12, 2010. My beginnings weren't all that special, I stared in a few of momma's ACEO pieces, made friends with a mouse, found out I'm not afraid of ghosts, witches, or skellies. I've also became a wanted feline. OH but I'm wanted in a good way... so far at least *giggle*. I'm now a regular Wednesday comic panel on Facebook and have my own fan page! I've also been crafted into a real world 'life' sized OOAK doll by my momma and I'm on a journey to see my many friends in their home states. To follow me, find links to where you can adopt one of my dolls, and enjoy a Wednesday morning giggle check out my fan page

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've had the rare and wonderful experience of recently working with the fun and extremely talented Bob Lee. Together he and I created this 5x7 titled 'The Penance'. I did the angel (micron and watercolor) and he did everything else (prisma marker and micron pen).
Thanks Bob this was a super experience my dear friend!
Be sure to check out his original artwork on

Monday, January 10, 2011

New work for 2011

Here are four of my most recent pieces. The first one is the largest (14x17 inches) and is entitled 'The Absinthe Faerie'. I do have prints of her available.
Number two is a 6x9 inch watercolor 'Midnight Magic'.
Number three is another 6x9 inch 'Mortality'.
And the final 6x9 inch watercolor is entitled 'The Mourning'.

I don't get on here as much as I'd like but I am reachable on facebook pretty much daily.